Process Heater Related Services


Enhance the capacity of critical heaters is becoming an industry trend. Accurate tube temperature monitoring is key to meeting higher process demands within the reliability constraints. Our IR Scan specialty is the best in class in our industry since we deliver technology to within 15 °F accuracy. Our core IR team has a combined field experience of over 100 years in Fired Heat Transfer. We provide IR scanning support of both heater tubes and other equipment externals to help our clients maintain their safety, integrity and reliability goals.


With evolving environmental norms over the time, throughput enhancement requirements, and opportunity crude processing, it is often seen that fired heaters become bottle necks and require review for their thermal and hydraulic adequacy followed by changes if required to meet the demand. We have experienced team who support in operating data analysis followed by evaluation of various options both hardware and operational to reach the optimal operation. We provide end to end, one-stop solutions starting from project development support through commissioning. We also troubleshoot underperforming heaters and work with our clients to implement the most cost effective solutions.


EPA has rolled out mandatory requirement for Refinery to meet efficient heater operation. This requirement entails heater inspections and fine-tuning to meet both emission and efficiency requirements and is named as Boiler MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology). This mandatory requirement is in effect since 2016. Our organization supports in delivering MACT for refineries through highly skilled professionals and also supports preparing the report and inspection findings in a format desired by EPA.


Fired Heater Training is very important from the perspective of providing the necessary knowledge to the staff at working and advisory levels to achieve optimal heater operation. We deliver an onsite, hands-on training class by lecturers who are practitioners in the industry for decades and have mastery in this important discipline.